Sheffield Botanical Gardens

  • Post published:27th June 2019
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Took my instax, and FINALLY had a go with macro settings

We took a day trip to Sheffield last summer, to go and see the botanical gardens. A 20-30 min walk from the coach station, we were lucky it was in the middle of a heatwave. Well we weren’t lucky, that’s why we went – to enjoy the sun. My diary of the day tells me it was 27 degrees. “Not the best day for a city stroll, but the National Express bus had air con,” I wrote. To make it to the gardens the journey is mostly uphill, yet it was pretty – big enough for a short stroll, and worth it to see some interesting greens in the middle of an industrial Yorkshire city. Entry is free, and there’s an ice-cream van outside. The location was perfect for a picnic. I worked out we actually only spent 5 hours in Sheffield. It was enough in the heat. I think my singular reason for wanting to go was honestly just to take photos of cacti, and… well I’ll let you take a look. 

Olympus Trip 35

me taken by Joe on an S8


I’m so pleased with these photos, but I feel like the beautiful setting did all the work really. Can a cactus ever NOT look cool I ask you!? Check out this corner the next time you’re in Sheffield. 

Lynsey X




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