Dreaming of the Seaside

  • Post published:10th May 2020
  • Reading time:2 mins read

Don’t you miss the sand blowing into your tray of fish and chips? 

We had a weekend away in Whitby last year. A train journey filled with hens. A simple and affordable apartment at the Discovery Inn. Perhaps a bit dated but cosy in an ideal location. Forty-five minutes in a pool all to ourselves. A glass of Haig and ginger in Whitby’s stylish Moon and Sixpence. A wander along the pier at sunset with diamond waves pulling out of the shore. A ramble along the coastline from picture-perfect Runswick Bay to seaside village Staithes, with a risky shuffle down to Port Mulgrave, and a pint and chips for our reward. A run up to the abbey as night fell to greet and bid adieu to the horses on the grounds. Postcard memories all fit into two magical days. Don’t you miss it?

Whitby Abbey
Cranberry Swamp cafe
35mm at Moon and Sixpence

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