And so, we meet again

  • Post published:11th June 2019
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Sheffield Botanical Gardens 2018

I’ve been writing about my visit to Iceland, or I’ve been half-writing it – half putting it off. It’s a trip I went on in January 2018 for context. I’m worried about it sounding performative, cheesey, and commercial. I think I have been nervous about it as I have been thinking of it as The First Post. I have started blogs – what feels like – a hundred times, and I don’t keep them up. Perhaps the format doesn’t suit me? Perhaps I don’t have anything to say? Perhaps I’m thinking about it all a little too much? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

I’ve been reading blogs for at least eight years, always with my nose pressed firmly against the glass. I’m scared of being put in a box, of being thought of as insincere, scared of making mistakes, and failing. I want to write. I want my thoughts, all mixed up and jumbled in my mind, laid out neatly arranged on a page so I can begin to make sense of them. To help me remember feelings and moments. How do you talk about feelings in a genuine way without coming across as twee? Or appearing like a teenage tumblr post? (No shade intended, I am just in my mid-20s now.) I don’t know. I may never know. But I can’t let that stop me, right? This is a neat way of sharing and practising. I’ve always been an advocate for the edit, you can’t get better without making some mistakes.

So here’s a little bit about me: I’m Patti Smith books, and Florence Welch lyrics – apparently I’m looking for myself in the words of others. I’m a feminist, and love watching film. I’m trying to be better at being eco, but failing often. I enjoy a pint of beer (a Kirkstall Three Swords if you’re offering). I like taking film photos because technology is great, but sometimes I crave imperfection, and time away from screens (a work in progress..). My recent obsession is clothes swaps, and telling you what I got there. I worry lots. This year I think I can finally call myself a reader, a previously purely wishful-thinking description despite shelves of books. We’re all fairly similar when it comes down to it aren’t we? I hope to share thoughts on film, books, travel, film-photos, and to well, just share thoughts. Truly, I suppose only time will tell what all this will be about, so I’ll keep it at that for now… it’s time to dive in, and hopefully next time we’ll be in Iceland.

Lynsey X

Sheffield Botanical Gardens 2018 with my Olympus Trip 35
Taking photos of plants in the sun is one of my favourite things to do, but you’ll more likely spot me on the sofa watching Netflix.
“And there the ginger, easily spooked, makes her nest amongst popcorn crumbs, empty mugs and several pairs of kicked off shoes.” – David Attenborough 😉

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