Here come the clowns

  • Post published:27th October 2019

On Friday night we went to a Halloween party dressed as clowns. We took some photos afterwards tipsy, against a black wall in the house, and I had a fun hungover edit in the morning… 

 If you have face paint, I think a clown can be an easy costume to create on the cheap. Clashing clothes can easily be found in a charity shop, if you don’t have anything to hand. We had a lot of stuff that worked already. I got this shirt in a vintage shop in Krakow, and wear it day to day but it is the perfect clown clash-print shirt. It is hugely oversized so I cut some of it off so it doesn’t bunch up too much tucked in. You can’t see my bottom half but I have baggy black culottes on, with black and white striped socks, and I mixed up two pairs of converse- a red and a black. Joe is wearing pj bottoms, which are great for bold patterns and looking baggy. I made him some pom poms for his T. Taking the photos at the end of the evening meant our make up was slightly smudged, but I think this worked for a sad clown at the end of a shift? Who knows. Hope you like the edits. 

Happy Halloween Folks. 

Lynsey X

Suspenders – Luvyababes; Face make-up – Snazaroo and liquid eyeliner

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